Brand New! Introducing 'Interior Branding' By Waking Giants & Four Walls Architecture

Friday 2 September 2011, 12:56PM
By Pure SEO


The two well-known and professionally respected companies, Waking Giants and Four Walls Architecture have teamed up to form Interior Branding, a new and exciting concept in physical branding. The benefit of this collaboration is that Waking Giants will deliver your vision: Four Walls Architecture will work with them to ensure that their vision is explained and resolved through the physical three dimensional form – a match made in heaven.

You may not fully appreciate how much your company’s physical environment defines, not only itself, but your clients or customers. We sometimes forget the power of a beautifully crafted physical environment and the effect it can have on our brand. In the rapidly changing world of social media and with the increasing presence of internet based retail services, we could be forgiven for thinking that the ‘shopfront’ of old has become obsolete. Interior Branding have determined that it is actually more essential than ever that your physical space connects with your customers on all levels.

Their objective is to craft a complete, cohesive brand experience with a resolved and pervasive three dimensional brand. Stand by and watch as this exciting new concept takes shape, as Grant Difford, Creative Director of Waking Giants ( and Amy Hendry, registered New Zealand architect ( deliver excellence with a concept that embodies all that is creative and professional in this new and exciting area of interior branding.

Advocating a holistic approach to the creation of your working, retail or living space, and the belief that environment and productivity go hand in hand, Interior Branding is a cohesive brand experience that inspires and intrigues. Watch this space! Go to