World Media Publicity for EATRIGHT®

Wednesday 7 September 2011, 1:43PM

By Eat Right Foods Limited


Eat Right Foods will be presented to 150 international media personnel visiting Nelson, New Zealand as part of world events later this month. The opportunity and further international exposure this will bring to Eat Right and their EATRIGHT® branded products is considered “priceless”.

The media group will have a large US and Australian contingent but will also include reporters from Russia, Italy and other parts off the globe. For Eat Right, who already supplies its “more benefits in every bite” food products to international markets such as the USA, Australia, the UK and Singapore, to have a contingent of 150 international media visiting their hometown is the “chance of a lifetime”.

To be able to showcase the company, staff and the beautiful place where we come from is extremely exciting according to Managing Director Rebecca Douglas-Clifford. But, as she sees it, the true stars will be the EATRIGHT products themselves. With feedback such as “Dear Manufacturer of the best gluten free cookie on the planet. Bravo – Bravo !!! I bought mine @ Wholefoods Market in San Mateo, California, USA. I have “celiac” intolerance to gluten and am grateful for all your cookies” … there is little chance of product stage fright.

New Zealand food products, according to research undertaken by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), have a reputation for safe production processes, sound environmental regulations and frugal consumption of natural resources. “New Zealand-made” according to the report implies integrity to US consumers, something many feel is lacking in their homeland products.

The endorsement of New Zealand food products, such as EATRIGHT, is to be showcased at a New Zealand promotion at more than 260 stores in the US in Spring 2012.

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