Film Industry Raises $14,000 For Christchurch Children

Wednesday 7 September 2011, 5:29PM
By Variety NZ


Cinemas nationwide have donated $14,320 to Variety – The Children’s Charity to help families in Christchurch, by holding two charity screenings at the end of May.

Since the earthquake, Variety has raised more than $300,000 for children and families that have been affected by the earthquake in Christchurch.

“This past winter has definitely taken its toll,” says Lorraine Taylor, CEO, Variety – The Children’s Charity. “Over the last few months Variety has helped many families with basic needs like firewood, heating, warm clothing and blankets. We are extremely grateful to cinemas across New Zealand for their generous donation, which will allow us to help even more families as the city rebuilds. For many of these families, making ends meet before the earthquake was tough, but with ongoing damage to their homes and less work available, they are finding themselves in a dire situation.”

Variety is asking all New Zealanders to spare a thought for the hardship that families in Christchurch are facing as the city rebuilds and make a donation by visiting

“The earthquake may be many months ago but the impact continues. There are many, many more Christchurch families that still need our help,” says Lorraine.

Cinemas that took part in the charity screening included EVENT Cinemas, Hoyts, Reading Cinemas, Berkeley Cinemas, Rialto and independent cinemas.