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Rock your way from Lame to Fame

Wednesday 7 September 2011, 5:34PM
By Beat Communications

One New Zealand band is set to go from totally lame to potential fame, thanks to The Rock.

The Rock is searching for a band from the good old days that never made it off the ground.

They’ll be given a platform to jump into the world of Rock and Roll, thrust under the nation’s spotlight, and given one last chance to rock.

If you were part of a band that never quite got there because ‘real life’ got in the way, then now is your chance to ditch the day job, and live the dream. The Rock will help you dust off your leather, grab your Gibson, and take to the stage.

Over the next week, listeners will be invited to head to, to tell Robert and Jono why their band deserves to be taken from lame, to fame. If the story reeks of nostalgia, and the band has the dream of becoming the next Nirvana or Guns and Roses, then The Rock will reunite them to give them the chance to make it come true.

The chosen group will have the chance to professionally record their own song, which will then be played on air on The Rock. And no band is complete without a rocking music video, so there may just be one of those thrown in as well.

Backed by New Zealand’s biggest rock radio station, the now not-so-lame musos will have the chance to make it big. Television, magazines, stadium concerts with screaming fans… The Rock wants to lead them into the world of fame.

Entries close on Monday the 12th of September at 3pm, so be quick. Time is money. Text the mates, jump online, and sign up to go from lame, to fame.