ALCP Leader calls for re-examination of covert surveillance cases

Wednesday 21 September 2011, 1:54PM
By Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

All those prosecuted in Operation Lime and other cases which involved covert video surveillance should immediately contact a lawyer and have their cases re-examined, Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party leader Michael Appleby says.

The ALCP are calling for all historical convictions, obtained using illegal surveillance techniques, to be overturned.

“Anyone in prison because of illegal surveillance must be immediately released from jail,” Mr Appleby said.

“Compensation must also be issued to all those that have their convictions wiped.

“National must realise that there is no political support for its attempt to interfere with the judiciary and overrule the Supreme Court.”

Mr Appleby said National's plan for a police state and a private prison industry was a failure.

“They are scrambling to protect the failed War on Drugs with this proposed law change.

“Search without warrant powers have been used against the cannabis community for decades.

“It is time to restore our basic liberties and end persecution of cannabis users once and for all.”