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Celebrate Anchor's birthday with Limited Edition Mr Vintage t-shirt

Monday 26 September 2011, 8:42AM
By Anchor

Celebrate one of the New Zealand’s oldest and most iconic brands with a limited edition centenary Mr Vintage t-shirt.

Based on the original milk run t-shirts worn by milkmen in the eighties, the t-shirt is one of the many activities Anchor is doing to celebrate its 125 Anniversary.

These t-shirts come in women’s and men’s sizes and are available to buy at
Anchor has always been a family brand and this was highlighted by the soap-style ad campaign which captured the hearts of Kiwis during the nineties.

Since then, the association between Anchor and New Zealand families has been unquestionable.

To celebrate its birthday with all Kiwis, Anchor is giving everyone the chance to reunite their families by telling their story and expressing why their family should be reunited at

Kiwis will then be able to vote on their favourite stories and finally, the original Anchor family will decide which ten families will win their very own reunion in November 2011.