Ignorance a key factor in cannabis debate

Tuesday 27 September 2011, 8:46AM
By Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

Prime Minister John Key has waded into the cannabis debate by saying it would be a step in the wrong direction to relax the law.

According to his logic, the Law Commission inquiry into the Misuse of Drugs Act and a similar inquiry by the Global Commission were wrong in their conclusions.

"Why is Key trying to lock prohibition in place when it is obvious that current laws profit gangs and other criminal organisations?" ALCP leader Michael Appleby said.

"Key has expressed his ignorance and hypocrisy by dismissing these well researched recommendations during a Heineken sponsored Rugby World Cup."

Mr Appleby applauded ACT party leader Don Brash for his support of cannabis law reform.

"We have been stating this policy for 15 years, it is great to have other parties expressing agreement," he said.

Mr Appleby hoped the ALC Party and the ACT party would be able to work together to achieve these goals.

"The Law Commission spent four years meticulously examining drug laws and reached the conclusion that prohibition had failed," he said.

"Some members of Government believe they can simply dismiss the recommendations.

"The Law Commission recommended clinical trials of medical marijuana and mandatory warnings for possession of personal amounts of cannabis.

"Both of these recommendations were rejected by the associate health minister."