8 to 1 in Favour

Thursday 29 September 2011, 9:13AM
By Kaipara District Council


No, it’s not the betting odds for the All Blacks winning the Rugby World Cup.

It’s the results of a vote by the Kaipara District Council to notify its proposed District Plan.

In moving the motion to notify, Mayor Tiller said “This is a milestone for Council. A district plan is one of Council’s most influential documents. This process started in late 2004 and Council has taken the time needed to get to where we are today. I am totally comfortable that the process has been a robust one.”.

First term Councillor, John Blackwell seconded the motion saying “It has been a lot for a new Councillor to come to terms with but we have done it. My questions have been answered and I am satisfied that the proposed Plan has been through a robust process.”.

The feeling of a job well done was supported by six other Councillors in the 8 to 1 vote in favour of notifying the proposed District Plan.

Mayor Tiller then thanked all those involved over the years praising the work of a team that over some seven years has included Councillors past and present, staff again both past and present, BECA, Brookfields and the independent commissioner, Les Simmons who chaired the Hearings Panel. He also acknowledged the contribution of all who submitted saying that the Plan was all the better for this input.

The proposed District Plan will now be publicly notified. Once notified all 513 Submitters and Further Submitters will have an opportunity to review the decisions made and if they choose, they can lodge an appeal to the Environment Court. The Resource Management Act allows 30 working days for appeals to be lodged from when the notice of the decisions is served. The notice of decisions will be considered ‘served’ when a public notice appears in the four newspapers covering the Kaipara District.