Springlands School Writer's Walk

Thursday 6 October 2011, 4:55PM

By Marlborough District Council


Mayor Alistair Sowman and Travis Kendall
Mayor Alistair Sowman and Travis Kendall Credit: Marlborough District Council


Nine-year-old poet Travis Kendall, a Year 5 pupil from Redwoodtown School, explains his poetry to Mayor Alistair Sowman at the unveiling of the second poem featured in the “Writers’ Walk” along the Taylor River walkway.

The Writers’ Walk is the brainchild of Springlands School. The school’s student representatives, Yasmin Shipley and Sam Morgan, were there for last week’s unveiling of the new poem engraved and mounted on a boulder.

The Council, Geoffrey T Sowman Funeral Directors and Springlands School intend to keep working together to extend the water conservation message through poetry and there are more rocks in place, ready for more student inspiration.