49th Parliament passes 293 Government bills

Friday 7 October 2011, 9:50PM
By Simon Power

The 49th Parliament passed 293 Government bills, the Acting Leader of the House, Simon Power, said today.

Parliament rose last night for the general election on November 26, and will be dissolved on October 20.

Some 293 Government bills received the Royal assent, and as of today 18 further bills are awaiting assent. The Governor-General will consider those 18 in the coming weeks. Also receiving the Royal assent during the 49th Parliament were two members' bills, two local bills, and five private bills.

The House sat for 266 days, and there were 30 urgency motions.

Ministers answered 3,017 oral questions, with Deputy Leader and Finance Minister Bill English answering the most at 481. That does not include those he answered on behalf of the Prime Minister.

As at October 6, Ministers had been asked 73,207 written questions, the most going to Education Minister Anne Tolley, 18,170, Social Development Minister Paula Bennett, 10,966, and Housing and Fisheries Minister Phil Heatley, 6,217.

There were 1,046 Select Committee reports, including 117 by Finance and Expenditure, 109 by Commerce, and 97 by Health.

Other statistics:

• Bills introduced: Government 202, member's 42, local 7, private 5.
• Party votes: 2,552
• Petitions reported back: 178.
• Papers presented and published: 807
• Notices of motion: 1,416
• General debates: 59
• Applications to discuss matters of urgent public importance (snap debates): 62. Applications accepted: 7.