Fishing clubs help fast track skills

Monday 10 October 2011, 8:59AM
By Fish & Game NZ


With the fishing season now in full swing Fish & Game is encouraging novice anglers to join a sports fishing club and fast track their learning.

North Canterbury Fish & Game is hosting a free Freshwater Fishing Expo at this years ‘Take A Kid Fishing’ event at the Groynes Lakes in Christchurch. This event, on October 16, will profile Canterbury’s fishing clubs.

Fish & Game Officer Emily Moore says joining a club gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the culture of the sport and access a wealth of experience and resources from other members to help you improve.

Grant Holmes, a member of the Canterbury Fly Fishing Club and the Canterbury Anglers Club, agree.

Getting out over 100 days a year and catching around 100 fish a year, Mr Holmes would put most anglers to shame but he credits his success to joining a club.

“I struggled for years by myself,” he says. “I would definitely recommend those who have done a bit of fishing but want to get into it more should join a club.

“It is easier than ever to learn how to fish with clubs providing lessons, social fishing trips and resources like fishing DVDs. You can fast track your way into fly fishing and be quite proficient in just a few months. Or any other type of fishing you want to do.”

Mrs Moore says the expo will provide the public with the opportunity to meet the various fishing clubs that operate in the region.

Participating clubs include the Christchurch Fishing and Casting Club, the Canterbury Anglers Club, the NZ Salmon Anglers, the Coarse Fishing Club, the Ferrymead Fishing Club and the Canterbury Lure Fishing Association.

The Freshwater Fishing Expo will be in a marquee beside the fishing lakes. Take A Kid Fishing activities will commence at 9am, October 16 and the Expo will open at 11am and close between 2pm and 3pm. Entry to the event is free.