ADT Armourguard Launchs Security Tag Recirculation Programme

Monday 10 October 2011, 4:12PM
By Whole Nine Yards PR

ADT Armourguard has launched a new recirculation programme in New Zealand for apparel security tags.

ADT Armourguard National Retail Manager, Ben Clement, said the launch of the new programme would make it easier for manufacturers to support green retailing, while also increasing profits at the same time.

“Leading retailers have long been aware of the benefits of using Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) security tags on apparel items to help reduce theft and improve profitability,” Ben said.

“ADT Armourguard’s parent company – Tyco Retail Solutions - which provides the security tags is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ideas that will support retailers using EAS systems.

“The launch of the Visible Source Tagging – Recirculation (VST-R) programme is an outcome of that focus. It involves retailers using a specially designed EAS hard tag that can be applied during the manufacturing process and later reused via a ‘recirculation’ process.

“How it works is an apparel factory orders the tags which are then applied direct to merchandise before it is sent to a retailer’s store. After tags are removed at point-of-sale they are then sent to a recirculation centre to be cleaned, counted, tested and certified. Once the tags are certified, the retailer is issued with a rebate and the tags are then re-used – a process which is repeated over-and-over again.”

Ben said the benefits of the programme are numerous.
“Aside from the rebate which helps to reduce costs overall, the programme allows in-store staff to focus on the job of selling instead of spending time applying tags to products. Furthermore, because the tags are applied during the manufacturing process there are significant time efficiencies gained with tag application and consistency is also achieved in terms of where they are applied to items.”

Aside from also acting as a visual deterrence to thieves, more tags can ultimately be used due to the cost savings achieved and the reusability aspect.

“The programme also provides retailers with useful information on the number of tags ordered and returned, and the buy-back process through an online reporting portal.”

He said a good example of the programme in action is a leading global specialty apparel retailer which switched from in-store to source tagging.

“That shift resulted in 30% to 50% more merchandise being moved to the sales floor per hour.”

Ben said traditional EAS loss prevention solutions are being significantly enhanced and extended by radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies.

“Retailers who adopt RFID will find that ADT Armourguard is committed to supporting both technologies, as Tyco is currently developing the capability to offer the recirculation programme to those retailers who use next generation tags.”

ADT Armourguard General Manager, Ian Anderson, said the company was pleased to be able to help New Zealand retailers to save costs and embrace green retailing via such an innovative programme.

“The programme which is based on over 40 years of EAS excellence in retail is currently being embraced by top global apparel retailers.”