Upcoming Opening of the Hospitality Asset Managers Association Asia Pacific

Monday 10 October 2011, 9:43PM
By Hamurana Lodge Boutique Hotel Rotorua

Hospitality Asset Managers Association (HAMA) has given its approval for the opening of Hospitality Asset Managers Association Asia Pacific and the application with Singapore Registry of Societies (ROS) will proceed. HAMA is the preeminent organization of professionals representing hotel ownership worldwide. Our mission is the enhancement of hospitality asset value through education advancement of the profession and serving as the collective voice of ownership. The region served by the new Association covers the entire Asia Pacific, comprising 56 economies throughout Asia and Oceania. HAMA Asia Pacific classifies these economies into four regions South, Southeast, Central-east, and Oceania.

The HAMA Asia Pacific is directly affiliated to HAMA USA, which was formed in 1991 with the principal objective of creating a unified voice for hotel owners. The organization, which started with six founding members, is now a professional body consisting of 175 members. Owners represented in HAMA have approximately 3,200 hotels and 750,000 hotel rooms.

“As the profession develops, it was a logical evolution to open HAMA Asia Pacific”, says President HAMA Asia Pacific and Managing Director of Global Asset Solution, Alex Sogno. “We have many talented hotel asset managers already involved and the criteria for admission will match HAMA USA”

“HAMA Asia Pacific members will meet twice a year, one day prior large hotel investment conferences in the regions,” says Vice President HAMA Asia Pacific and Senior Vice President – Asset Management, Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels, Tasos Kousloglou. “Panelists will include decision-makers on capital investments, renovation, repositioning of assets, operational policies and selections franchise”.

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