Opening Likely To Be Delayed - Kauri Coast Community Pool Trust

Tuesday 11 October 2011, 9:00AM
By Kaipara District Council


The Kauri Coast Community Pool Trust has advised that a major issue has come to light with the Kauri Coast Community Swimming Pool. The pool was being readied for its planned opening this Labour Weekend. As part of this preparation the water was drained from the pool. Removing the weight of the water appears to have allowed the pool floor to bulge up and cracked down the middle. The pressure this movement has placed on the bulkhead has caused it to break away from one side of the pool.

What has caused this is unknown at this stage and will require further investigation. There will be an onsite meeting with Barfoote Construction, the architect, Mark Bates, Pool Trust members and Council this week. A plan forward will then be developed.

The Kauri Coast Community Pool Trust had commissioned Community Leisure Management to undertake the necessary work to get the pool ready and to run it for the coming season.