Best of #RWC2011 - 23 Oct

Monday 24 October 2011, 12:27PM
By Rugby World Cup 2011


New Zealand defeated France 8-7 in an enthralling RWC 2011 Final to the delight of the home crowd at Eden Park, Auckland.

Throughout the tournament we been providing you with a regular Fan Forum including some of your comments from the official Rugby World Cup Twitter account, @rugbyworldcup, and #rwc2011, and here is a selection of your thoughts after today's matches:

@QuadeCooper: France were great all game, but congrats to the kiwis for winning the RWC. After 3 RWC's as favourites it's good to see them win.
@alex94taylor: Got the usual after-World Cup depression, full marks to #NewZealand for hosting and winning a brilliant tournament #rwc @rugbyworldcup
@MorganNichol: Atmosphere in aotea square absolutely electric, right on the edge of dread, turned into palpable joy when the final whistle blew. #rwc2011
@JoshuaKhoo: AND! Richie McCaw lifts the RWC2011 trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #AllBlacks #RWC2011 #Champions
@JeffHollinsworth: Now I need to find something to do at the weekends! #RWC2011 is over :'(
@EmilyAnne: The French had a superb game, brought their all! Tough game but congrats to the new world champions #AllBlacks . #RWC2011Final
@MattWant: Well not quite to script, but fantastic theatre. A thoroughly deserved win to the #AllBlacks. Brilliant #rwc2011
@IainPope: Well done NZ. A country who could do with some good news #rwc2011 well done France. Brave attempt. Played with honour.
@RyanEgan: Really hope All Blacks can triumph tonight, scores a bit too close for comfort at the moment #RWC2011
@JohnnyKline: I want to go to the next world cup. I wish I could've gone to see this one #RWC2011
@AndrewSzabo: Pretty entertaining first half le blanc's are holding stronger than I thought. #rwc2011
@trouble2: Can't believe this is it.. So nervous for the All Blacks! This has to b their time!!! #RWC2011
@IlzeWakefield: Last game of RWC2011, soon I'll be single again... Oh the withdrawal symptoms!!
@jonnykermode: This is the one the world has been waiting for. Come on the All Blacks! #rwc2011

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