Farmers urged to keep milk out of waterways

Tuesday 25 October 2011, 4:18PM
By Waikato Regional Council


Waikato Regional Council is urging the region’s farmers to do all they can to keep milk out of waterways following a gas supply disruption in Taranaki which has hit dairy company factory operations from the Waikato north.

“The situation means farmers who won’t get supplies picked up will have to find alternative ways of dealing with their milk, such as irrigating on to paddocks or storing in effluent ponds,” said compliance and education manager Rob Dragten.

“Farmers should follow the advice of their dairy companies who have contingency plans for this type of eventuality.

“We would stress that farmers should do all they can to keep milk getting to waterways through overland flow or direct discharge as milk is very toxic because it strips oxygen from the water.”

Mr Dragten said the council understood it was a difficult time for dairy farmers in the region.

“We are working with Fonterra and other companies to keep up to speed with their management of this difficult situation.”