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New Home Dialysis Unit at Greenlane
Thursday 27 October 2011, 4:03PM
By PPR New Zealand


Aucklanders living with or facing kidney disease are now able to undertake dialysis education in a more comfortable and homely environment. This is thanks to the new Home Dialysis Unit based at Greenlane Clinical Centre that was officially opened by Deputy Minister of Health, the Hon. Dr. Jonathan Coleman, today.

Situated in the existing Greenlane Clinical Centre and bordering leafy Cornwall Park, the new Home Dialysis Unit was designed through a consultative process with the Auckland Kidney Society and key Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) staff members. The feedback provided by renal patients of the previous facility has also been updated and applied to this unit to ensure it meets the needs of the community it serves.

For the first time in ADHB’s history, the new unit brings together patients who require both Peritoneal and Haemodialysis training and ongoing support. Bringing these services together will lead to patients having more convenient access to a number of kidney related services.

ADHB Clinical Director of Renal Services, Dr. Ian Dittmer says, “Our new Home Dialysis Unit has been designed to integrate an array of kidney-related services so that we are better able to manage the treatment of our patients. As well as bringing together Peritoneal and Haemodialysis treatments, this unit will also look after dialysis education and outpatient care.”

In addition, the unit provides a space for pre-dialysis nurse specialists to work from and a space for social workers and dietitians to liaise with their patients

Auckland Kidney Society’s Executive Director, Nora Van der Shrieck says this is a big step forward for ADHB and kidney treatment in the Auckland region. “Home dialysis is the preferred treatment for patients needing dialysis,” she says. “It is cost effective for both the patient and the healthcare system but, most importantly, it provides the patient with the best quality of life possible.

“This unit is designed especially with that in mind. Patients can learn to dialyse in order to make a smooth and staged transition back into the home environment. Should patients experience complications or need clinical advice regarding their dialysis, the new unit will be able to cater to this as well.”

Construction on the Home Dialysis Unit began in early May and is just one of many upgrades and improvements taking place as part of the $27m upgrade to the Greenlane Clinical Centre. There is also a new overnight ward and ophthalmology clinic which is currently being developed and is due to open in early 2012. It follows the opening of the Greenlane Surgical Unit earlier this year which included three new operating rooms as well as one refurbished and extended operating room. INDEX