New Kapabal Music Video

Friday 28 October 2011, 5:15PM
By Superior 4tress

Kapabal's new Music Video of his latest single "Flammable" taken from his new album "No Rest" which is available at digital/physical stores now.


Two years after the release of his last album Before Now, Hutt Valley rapper Kapabal returns with No Rest, his third full-length album. In saying that though, the word returns is a misnomer, because while it's been a few drinks between albums, Kapabal never really ever went away. Over the last while he's maintained a tidy profile through his controversial street single 'Rude and Abracious', his first official music video ('Touch The Sky'), featured appearances on the Coast 2 Coast mixtape series as well as gigging regularly across the greater Wellington region.

On No Rest, Kapabal summarises the life experiences the last few years have taught him, and builds on the self-made aesthetic he expressed on Before Now. The finished product is a package, which in every sense, comes across as a cut above Kapabal's past works. Slickly produced and packaged, No Rest sees him working with a selection of inspirational beats crafted by producers from both here and abroad, as well as bringing his boys Konflikt and ill Z (who he describes as, "the most talented and hardworking MC’s in the Hutt Valley") along for the ride to help him flesh out his continued story on "No Ransom", one of the few songs on No Rest to feature any guest vocalists.

Whether addressing the politics of the local Hip-Hop scene or the state of conflict which has overtaken the wider world, Kapabal is a rapper with an ear for honest, authentic discussion. Over the big synth lines, and even bigger drum beats of No Rest, he shares every aspect of his life and worldview with the listener. Kapabal has seen the hard knock life, and don't get it twisted, he is still with the people - and as he knows all too well, what don't break you will make you. Come join Kapabal on a journey through his world, as seen through his eyes, one song at a time.