Communities need to be consulted and involved in local projects - Dr Pita Sharples

Friday 4 November 2011, 8:39AM
By Pita Sharples

Delays over resource consents are a concern, but there is a lot that developers could do to minimise them says co-leader, Dr Pita Sharples.
“By springing a fully-developed proposal on residents, developers can quickly create an antagonistic and adversarial relationship with neighbours” said Dr Sharples.

“Instead developers could consult and involve communities in the design and development of projects, so local concerns can be addressed as the project proceeds”.

“Communities must also take responsibility for getting themselves organised through iwi organisations, Residents' Associations, Progressive Associations, Neighbourhood Support groups and so on, so they can engage with developers and have more influence over the destiny of their own communities, it's called participation”.
“Whatever the outcomes of consultation, at least the issues will have been identified and efforts made to mitigate them, and this is likely to speed up the hearing process”.

“The Maori Party shall promote the RMA National Policy Statement on Mâori participation, including iwi/Mâori management committees and treaty representation, early in the next term of Parliament”.

“A National Policy statement is required, to co-ordinate all of the various mechanisms to strengthen Maori participation and enhance iwi management. Any proposals to amend resource consent applications, must be facilitated througth compliance with the RMA National Policy Statement on Mâori participation”.