Taharoa Domain Looking Good for Summer

Tuesday 15 November 2011, 8:28AM
By Kaipara District Council


These three shining jewels of a blue green hue just 35 kilometres from Dargaville form part of the 538 hectare reserve called Taharoa Domain. Better known to many as the Kai Iwi Lakes, they are renowned for their beauty and clear waters. There are three freshwater dune lakes: Kai Iwi, the smaller of the three lakes and closed to motor boats, Taharoa and Waikare. It is still the place to be this summer to relax, swim, trout fish, boat, sail and walk the tracks. In fact it is the place to be all year round with the campground open 12 months of the year.

The Northland Regional Council regularly undertakes health checks of the Lakes. The Regional Council have been doing so for a number of years and have built up a picture of the ongoing health of the Lakes. The water quality of all the lakes remains good and perfect for recreational use including swimming.

The Northland Regional Council have, however signalled that there has been a change in its recordings at the smallest lake, Kai Iwi. This lake is showing a steady increase in the amount of nutrients appearing in the water. This means there is the possibility that the lake could see an increase in the amount of algae growing in it.

Emma Simpson of the Northland Regional Council has advised that it will investigate the cause and work with the Kaipara District Council and the Taharoa Domain Governance Committee to implement any action that might be required. At a meeting held earlier this month the Taharoa Domain Governance Committee had resolved to meet with representatives of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA). NIWA also has a keen interest in the health of the Lakes and regularly survey the water quality.