Monteith's redevelopment hits half-way mark

Tuesday 15 November 2011, 8:51AM
By Monteith's


The redevelopment of the iconic Monteith’s Brewery in Greymouth has hit the half-way mark.

Work on the 143-year-old brewery began earlier this year with the decommissioning of aging brewing equipment and the demolition of old packaging lines and office buildings.

Now the new and far more energy and water efficient brewing technology is about to land fresh from Canada and Asia, ready for installation in the coming months. The breweries’ new roof is also about to be raised and new packaging lines put in place.

Perhaps most importantly, Monteith’s Brewery manager, Tony Mercer, is now finalising the new brews he is creating to celebrate the brewery’s re-opening in summer.

“The new brewery gives me much greater flexibility allowing me to make interesting beer styles in different pack formats.”

Tony’s new brews will add another dimension to Monteith’s already popular range of craft beers and ciders.

Monteith’s is also developing an innovative tasting room and merchandise shop as part of its new-look brewery tour experience.

“Our intention is to bring current consumer expectations in line with a more modern offering by creating a contemporary craft experience,” Tony explains. “That includes brewing innovative beer styles, developing a great brewery tour and memorabilia that visitors can take away to remember their visit to the Coast.”

As well as creating additional business opportunities for Greymouth, the new-look brewery will employ more full and part-time staff. It will also greatly increase visitor numbers.

Currently 16,500 people visit the Greymouth brewery each year but that figure is projected to rise to 40,000 by 2014 – an increase Greymouth District mayor, Tony Kokshoorn, welcomes.

“I’m delighted Monteith’s is investing in the West Coast and creating more jobs as a result. The redevelopment has the potential to have a significant impact on visitor numbers to the area which will be hugely positive for tourism operators through to retail stores.”