Front version of planned new house. Front version of planned new house. CREDIT: PPR New Zealand
Front version (2) Front version (2) CREDIT: PPR New Zealand
Construction of the new building. Construction of the new building. CREDIT: PPR New Zealand

New World serves up self-catering kitchen for new Ronald McDonald House in Wellington

Thursday 17 November 2011, 2:00PM
By PPR New Zealand


Ronald McDonald House is synonymous with providing that special home away from home for families with chronically ill children. The previous Ronald McDonald House in Adelaide Road accommodated 12 families, but due to the increased demand a number of families in need had to unfortunately be turned away. Fortunately, the charity has been able to purchase land next door to the existing house, which has recently been demolished, and with the support of local businesses and the community, plans to build a new house capable of accommodating up to 34 families at any one time.

New World Wellington has provided a significant sponsorship grant which will be put towards the new communal self-catering kitchen. The kitchen will have eight separate workstations to enable families to have plenty of room to cook their meals. In addition there will be a personal pantry, and fridge and freezer space for each family to store their food, while a communal pantry and fridge will give families access to donated food.

Craig Wilson, Managing Director Foodstuffs Wellington says, “Ronald McDonald House is a haven for families who are faced with the kinds of difficulties we wouldn’t wish on anyone. As a parent it is terrifying to see your child critically ill, so having a place to call home, close to the hospital is essential.”

“At Ronald McDonald House parents also have the chance to meet others who can understand their experience – firm friendships are formed under the most trying of circumstances. The new house will mean families won’t need to be turned away, more families will receive the support they need, and more friendships will be formed.”

Construction of the new building is well underway, and it is anticipated the roof will be on by February with opening scheduled for August 2012. Support is still needed as there is currently a $2 million funding shortfall, so the public and businesses are encouraged to visit to make a donation and assist with the completion of the much needed new house in Wellington.