The Life Flight Trust Winches a Tramper out of Catchpool near Wainuiomata

Friday 18 November 2011, 9:08AM
By The Life Flight Trust


At 3:30pm [17 November] Life Flight Trust Responded to Catchpool which is South of Wainuiomata to a 55yr old female from Lower Hutt female. Who had fallen and injured her ankle while on a school camping/tramping trip.

Life Flight responded with a Wellington Free Ambulance paramedic onboard.

The Helicopter was able to land at Catchpool and pick up a member of the tramping party who had walked out to raise the alarm she was able to direct us to the area of the injured tramper and after a short search we were able to spot a member of the party with the injured tramper. The injured female was on a walking track but was covered by tall trees and was difficult to see.

The Paramedic was winched down a short distance from the patient. Due to the location of the Patient and the tree coverage the patient was helped down the track to a clearing in the track to be winched back into the helicopter.

The Patient was flown to Wellington Hospital Emergency Department where she is being treated for her injuries.

The Life Flight Trust is a charity providing air rescue and air ambulance services. It operates the Wellington based Westpac Rescue Helicopter and a national air ambulance service. It relies on support from the public and sponsorship from partners such as Westpac to provide these services. Further information can be obtained from