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'Inside Child Poverty' Documentary now Available to the World'

Friday 25 November 2011, 6:37AM
By Thornton Communications Ltd

Bryan Bruce, the maker of last Tuesday night's documentary INSIDE CHILD POVERTY, is very pleased that TV3 have opened up the On Demand Link to the world.

He hopes that Kiwi's will tell their friends living overseas to watch.

"It's great that it's the one of the most watched programmes on TV3's On Demand site" said Bruce.

"It proves that Kiwi's really do like thinking television."

Bruce repeated his request to voters to ask all the candidates to agree to cross party meetings after the election to establish a long term plan for the well being of our children.

"Child poverty cannot be beaten with a poverty of ideas. We all need to work together to make sure that every child is fed everyday, has a warm dry home and free medical care whenever they need it."

"Thanks to TV3 opening up its links the world is now able to watch what we do" Bruce said.

The documentary can be seen here: