ECan Councillor to Eyeball Smith in Parliament

Tuesday 29 November 2011, 12:17PM
By ECan In Exile


Dr Nick Smiths free run over Canterbury democracy in parliament came to a screeching halt last weekend with the election to parliament of respected ECan councillor Eugenie Sage. Eugenie Sage, who comes to parliament thanks to increased voter endorsement of the Green Party Richer NZ manifesto, will be in a prime position to assist the Green Party leadership to hold National & Dr Smith to account across the floor of parliament.

Part of Eugenies motivation to stand for parliament was, according to Sage, "The appalling way in which the ECan Act was drafted and passed, with scant debate and scrutiny by Parliament, and its consequences for water conservation orders and democracy”

However, Eugenie Sage is essentially positive and forward looking and so is likely to be also be interested in helping deliver kiwis a richer quality of life through contributing to upcoming issues such as Canterbury's earthquake recovery and shaping a better life for future generations.

"We are so happy that one of our outstanding & respected elected ECan councillors has been elevated to parliament. Eugenie brings a deep understanding and positive advocacy for sustaining the Canterbury quality of life and we are sure parliament will find these qualities of great use too. She is also now in a prime position to help counter political spin on the fitness of Canterbury citizens to run our own regional democracy." ECan in Exiles Helen Isra said today.

The multi talented Sage is no stranger to the cut and thrust of life in the Beehive for as well as skills as a lawyer, advocate & journalist she has previously been a ministerial press secretary in one of the more challenging portfolios of government.

Eugenie Sage has a background in sustaining resources to promote a richer quality of life and served ECan citizens on important resource issues and chaired the councils liaison and cooperation group. Since the National led government denied Cantabrians their regional democratic rights she has continued to serve Cantabrians as a community member to the Selwyn-Waihora Zone Water Management Committee of Canterbury Water Management Strategy.

Eugenie Sage joins other elected ECan councillors who have risen above the National led governments actions against their democracy and won the support of citizens to continue to serve democracy and their communities. Crs Angus Mc Kay and Ross Little were elected to office in last years council elections and Cr Jo Kane is positively contributing to Canterbury democracy & recovery through her Canterbury TV current affairs programmes.

Contact details for all of our elected ECan councillors can be found on the ECan in Exile website.