Carving depicts relationship

Wednesday 30 November 2011, 1:58PM
By Manawatu District Council


A STRIKING Maori carving, Ko Te Ngakau Tangata, has caught the eye of many visitors to the Manawatu District Council’s administration building in Feilding.

Noted Rangitane carver, Charles Matenga, and other artists, were responsible for the work, which is on loan to the council and is located in the office foyer.

Explanatory details reveal that the carving’s central figure, Koruru, depicts the relationship and understanding that council has with the people from the 10 marae represented on the council’s Marae Consultative Standing Committee.

The seeds of the relationship and understanding are then cast to the four winds and depicted in the two Poupou, with the carving style outlining the direction.

The carving’s hand of welcome also extends to those of other lands who share the same dream of going forward into tomorrow, “for while there is hope, the dream lives”.

Other Maori art works are likely to be featured in the foyer on a rotating basis.