Contaminent Identified In Eureka Reservoir

Wednesday 30 November 2011, 2:40PM

By Waikato District Council



Council staff have retrieved the bodies of two rats from the Eureka reservoir after it was drained yesterday.

Residents in the Tauwhare Eureka area have had limited or no water supply after the contaminants were spotted in the reservoir yesterday morning.

General manager water and facilities Richard Bax says now the process of cleaning the tank and refilling it can be progressed.

“Because refilling the reservoir affects the already limited pressure available, we have been refilling the tank in low use times, particularly overnight,” he said.

“We are now in the process of sterilizing the tank and we are required to empty it again before refilling it and testing the water. I anticipate normal services will be restored this Friday. In the meantime it’s important affected residents continue to boil their drinking water and minimise their water use,” said Mr Bax.

This is a recent occurrence as on 21 November the water supplied from the Eureka reservoir was tested. No harmful bacteria were detected and it was of good quality.
Yesterday the council distributed a flyer to all the residents in the affected areas covered by the following roads:

Amber Lane

Appleton Lane

Badger Close

Bellevue Road

Catra Place

Church Road

Craig Road

Eureka Road

Friedlander Road

Glen Ida Way

Hinton Road

Hoeka Road

Holland Road (part only)

Hooper Road

Hunter Road

Kanui Ave

Kiroa Road

Marshmeadow Lane

Marshmeadow Road

Marychurch Road

Masters Road

Oakview Place

Platt Road

Ringer Road (part only)

Schollum Road

Shaw Road

Shewan Road (part only)

Tai Patena Place

Tauwhare Road (to Tauwhare Village)

Waverley Road

Woodside Road (part only)