Consent application refused

Thursday 1 December 2011, 1:10PM
By Southland District Council


A resource consent application from Lake Te Anau Developments Limited to undertake a 15-lot subdivision has been turned down by Southland District Council's Resource Management Committee.

The application creating 13 new rural residential lots with building platforms and earthworks at 375 Golf Course Road, 6km south-west of Te Anau, is located in the Scenic Resource Area which is considered to be an outstanding landscape in accordance with Section 6 of the Resource Management Act 1991. The Scenic Resource Area recognises the important landscape values of this area, which adjoins the Fiordland National Park.

The committee considered the adverse visual effects of the development were too great and resolved to refuse the application on this basis.

The application was publicly notified and drew a total of eight submissions, six of which were in opposition to the development, and expressed concerns regarding the adverse visual effects and potential stormwater effects of the proposal.

During the hearing in November, the applicant's consultant reduced the number of rural residential lots from 13 to 11 in an attempt to further mitigate the visual and cumulative effects of the proposal.

The committee considered expert evidence from Mike Moore and Paddy Baxter, both qualified landscape architects, who complied landscape reports for the development on the site. Mr Moore's report considered the proposed development to be too intensive for the Scenic Resource Area, and suggested that a smaller scale of development than that proposed could be undertaken on the site which would maintain the open rural character and scenic values.

There is a right of appeal to the Environment Court for the applicant and submitters - this closes after 15 working days from the decision.