New Sexy Daily Deals Site Launched! New Sexy Daily Deals Site Launched! CREDIT:

New Sexy Daily Deals Site Launched!

Monday 5 December 2011, 6:58PM
By Spice it Up

A deal site with a difference has just been launched. ‘Spice It Up’ went live on the 1st of December and is a deal site offering items of a sexy nature – designed, to make you look, feel and be sexy. The site promises to offer a wide range of products of a high quality at prices that have never before been seen in New Zealand. 6 months of preparation and planning has culminated in a professional looking website that will offer 4 or 5 deals on a daily basis. New deals will be released at 3pm each day and renewed every day. The long development time was necessary for the site’s founders to source the high quality products and form the business relationships that they believed were necessary to make it a lasting success.

Founders Lisa Hazelden and Josh Hamblyn have combined their skills ranging from website design, business ownership and financial markets to form the partnership. With the majority of the business requirements already held within the partners it enabled them to keep their overheads low which is one of the prime reasons why the super low prices are able to be offered. They also have a strong focus on customer satisfaction with feedback forums able to be posted on by customers and direct access to the partners if they have queries.

The founders of the site have been eager to clarify what it is exactly that the site is offering. “One of the things we find when we talk to people and introduce the site and mention the word sex is that they instantly think it’s going to be dodgy. But then we explain that it is all about being and feeling sexy which is why we have products such as nice clothes for men, sexy costumes, massage oils, jewellery, sexy toys and the like which isn’t necessarily about having sex but brings out the sexiness in people. Then when we actually show people the site, they see that it is actually quite upmarket and classy and they quickly realise that we are totally serious about this desire to not just be all about sex as such.”

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