Mobility Scooter Course

Thursday 15 December 2011, 9:01AM
By Waitaki District Council


Older residents were given the opportunity to trial a variety of mobility scooters at an initiative held at Waitaki Boys High School. Many older people and people with disabilities can find themselves relying on friends and family for transport into town. Mobility scooters represent one option for people to regain independence and travel with ease.

Tutor Derek Beveridge showed the participants an instructional DVD and people were able to trial mobility scooters provided by Battery Auto Electric and Waitaki Lodge. The morning was put together by Waitaki District Council Road Safety Co-ordinator Elton Crane. Mr Crane explained:

‘The decision to purchase a mobility scooter isn’t made over night and it was good to see the group all have a turn. They are easy to operate and can improve your lifestyle and standard of living in many ways.’

Further courses will be held in the future. For further information please contact Jean Paterson, Staying Safe Waitaki Co-ordinator on 434-8542.