Snowplanet Snowboard Coach named New Zealand Selector

Wednesday 21 December 2011, 1:11AM
By SnowPlanet, Mediacom

Jamie Lane, Snowplanet’s Head Snowboard Coach has been named a New Zealand Team Selector by Snow Sports New Zealand. Lane, who is presently studying coaching and management at Unitec, has been teaching and training snowboarding for 14 years and coaching competitive athletes for two years. Lane said he was ‘delighted and humbled’ to be selected.

“It is a great honour, and I am very excited about the development and potential of the next generation of New Zealand Snowboard athletes” said Lane.

Snowboarding is growing in popularity and is a recognised Olympic Sport with slopestyle, boardercross and halfpipe all featuring in the 2014 Winter Olympics being held in Sochi, Russia. New Zealand has never produced a Snowboarding Olympic medal and Lane hopes, that with access to facilities such as Snowplanet, and the support of Snow Sports New Zealand, our first podium finish is not too far away.

“We have a number of quality athlete’s coming through our programmes and with concentrated support working to create a strong professional element in NZ snowboarding and furthering the sport, we are very optimistic about where we are going and what we can do,” said Lane.

Lane, who is also a member of the New Zealand Snowboard Committee, is the Head Snowboard Coach for Snowplanet’s 365 Training Centre. Snowplanet CEO, Tony O’Regan, was delighted with the news of Lane’s selection.

“This is great recognition for Jamie, who is a committed and quality individual. We are delighted to have him at Snowplanet and it just shows what great opportunity young athletes have here” said O’Regan.

Snowplanet 365 Training operates each term with specialised programmes designed to develop individual athletes. Snowplanet’s programmes are endorsed by Snow Sports New Zealand.