Street Sculpture White And Bright Again

Thursday 19 January 2012, 4:36PM

By Marlborough District Council


A work of Marlborough sculpture Lydia Geldof.
A work of Marlborough sculpture Lydia Geldof. Credit: Marlborough District Council


The clean white lines of the street sculpture gracing Bythell Place have been restored.

The work of Marlborough sculpture Lydia Geldof, the sculpture was commissioned by Creative Marlborough and a former CBD advocacy group in conjunction with the Marlborough District Council.

Dutch-born Lydia Geldof has been a sculptor in Marlborough since the early 1980s.

Marking the 2000 Millennium, the female shape symbolises fertility and productivity and the future; the flowing form mirrors the flow of the Wairau River and the fertility it brings to the valley while, from the back, the sculpture resembles a jumping fish shape, designed to represent Marlborough’s abundant fisheries.

Part of Marlborough’s small collection of public art, the elegant street sculpture has been cleaned and water-proofed as part of its regular maintenance.