DIY Irrigation Now Available for Lifestyle and Small Block Farmers

Friday 20 January 2012, 2:52PM

By RX Plastics


DIY Irrigation Farm Pack
DIY Irrigation Farm Pack Credit: RX Plastics

The well-known K-Line irrigation pods can be seen on larger farming properties all over New Zealand, but until now have usually required a consultation with an irrigation consultant to put in place. Manufacturers RX Plastics have now released a DIY Irrigation Farm Pack that makes this affordable farm irrigation option more accessible to smaller scale farmers.

RX Plastics sales and marketing manager Phil Gatehouse says the new Farm Pack was a logical extension of the K-Line range.

“We know there are a lot of smaller properties that would benefit from using K-line irrigation, so we wanted to make it easy to simply walk into a rural supplies shop and walk out with a pack that contains everything you need to get your irrigation up and running.”

The Farm Pack concept has already proven highly popular with K-Line’s North American customers, and will now be available from rural supplies outlets all over New Zealand.

“Each package is designed to cover 1 hectare of land and includes five irrigation pods, 100m of 32mm K-pipe, NAAN sprinklers and saddles, and all the other necessary components to install the system.”

Gatehouse says for bigger blocks, buying two Farm Packs will irrigate more than two hectares of land.

The only additional requirement for the owner is to purchase a Jet Pump to push water through the system. RX recommend a .75kw pump for 1 ha and a 1.1Kw or 1.5HP Jet Pump for two Farm Pack kits.

The pack comes with a full set of written instructions and an instructional DVD to ensure that all bases are covered.

Gatehouse says that in addition to small farms, the system could be used for sports fields, parks and general dust control over summer months.

About K-Line Irrigation

K-Line Irrigation is a revolutionary, specially formulated, flexible tubing line and pod sprinkler system designed to reduce the time and money spent on irrigation installation, operation and repairs.

The heart of the system is a series of extremely durable pods that protect a sprinkler that is firmly attached to the exceptionally strong and flexible polyethylene K-Pipe™ that resists kinking, abrasive soils, freezing, UV light and the stresses of moving the K-Line.

K-Line Irrigation is a low pressure system designed to distribute water with a slow, efficient absorption method that eliminates the need to shift irrigation several times a day - saving time, labour and water resources. K-Line Irrigation products use less water, more effectively.

K-Lines can be shifted by hand or with an ATV, Gator or similar tow vehicle in minutes, efficiently irrigating 1, 10, or 1,000+ hectares.

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