ACG Strathallan top of the top in Cambridge Examinations

Wednesday 1 February 2012, 6:12PM
By Method Design And Communications


It's been a spectacular week for the ACG Group of schools with the school term only just started! Today's Cambridge Examination rankings reveal only eight students in New Zealand received 100% in a subject and four of those were from ACG Strathallan College in Karaka.

Tarika Sabherwal received her perfect score in IGCSE Art and Design as did Tingjian (Jim) He. Jordan Jeffcoat received 100% in AS Literature and Melissa Kelsey 100% in AS Art and Design (Photography). Tarika, Jordan and Tingjian (Jim) were all Top in the World in their subject and Melissa was Top in New Zealand

These are the results Principals dream of and Robin Kirkham is understandably thrilled. “Pride in Achievement is the ACG Strathallan motto and I could not be more proud of these students who have achieved the very best they could."

As in past years, ACG Schools have had excellent overall results with a general pass rate of over 90% across the four schools: ACG Strathallan, ACG Sunderland, ACG Parnell and ACG Senior College. The ACG schools received a total of 28 awards, 9 of them being for students who who were placed Top in the World.