Thomas Lu with the Shanghai Magic Memories team – from left: Fernando Hurtado - Magic's Global Performance Manager, Zhang Yu, Hu Xiaobo, Xu Cuicui, Zhou Qi, Sun Zhenzhen, Zheng Xin and Thomas Lu. Thomas Lu with the Shanghai Magic Memories team – from left: Fernando Hurtado - Magic's Global Performance Manager, Zhang Yu, Hu Xiaobo, Xu Cuicui, Zhou Qi, Sun Zhenzhen, Zheng Xin and Thomas Lu. CREDIT: Southern Public Relations

Magic Memories establishes partnership for expansion into China

Tuesday 14 February 2012, 2:48PM
By Southern Public Relations

Magic Memories, the tourism photography experience company, has launched its first operation in China providing holiday memories and storytelling photobooks for guests who visit Shanghai Chang Feng Ocean World, China.

Shanghai Chang Feng Ocean World is China’s first large scale aquarium and is the flagship tourist attraction of the Oceanis Australia Group. Shanghai Ocean World is the only aquarium in China which combines marine sightseeing with ecological leisure and has some amazing exhibits which are reflected in the photobooks Magic Memories provides.

Striking a partnership with local businessman Thomas Lu, the company now has a strong stake in the giant continent and expects huge growth in the market over the next year.

Magic Memories has worked with Mr Lu for several years – Mr Lu’s company is an integral part of the Magic Memories worldwide supply chain providing printing and production services. During his time working with the kiwi company, Mr Lu made it clear he’d like to enter a partnership and use his skills to secure tourism photography experience business in China.

Magic Memories CEO John Wikstrom says the journey into China has been exciting and promising.

“We have been very lucky having a local partner to work with,” he says.

“Mr Lu knows us well, he knows how we work and what we can offer. He fully understands how we can add revenue and improve the guest experience to Shanghai Chang Feng Ocean World. We see this as a fantastic first step into the China market.”

Mr Lu is optimistic about the future of his partnership with Magic Memories.

“I have watched this company build its business over the past few years and have been impressed with how they understand the guest journey and how their product adds value at many levels,” he says.

“Magic Memories operates a very different model from any competitors. I approached them because their photography solutions have huge potential and my research tells me they will be very successful in China.”

Magic Memories launched its photography solutions at Shanghai Chang Feng Ocean World on January 13, 2012, integrating services and products seamlessly into the guest experience. The initial results have exceeded expectations with guests generally excited about the new photography solution.

Mr Lu expects to secure more sites in China over 2012, with many potential partners impressed with what they now see in operation.

The launch is the latest in the Magic Memories global expansion which has resulted in operations at more than 70 attractions across New Zealand, Australia, Europe and South Africa.

A US-based sales team has also been established within the last few months.

“Over the past several months we have stepped up our international growth and are very excited about operating at Shanghai Chang Feng Ocean World which attracts a very large number of guests each year,” says Mr Wikstrom.

“Mr Lu is now an integral part of our team and is our local person on the ground.”

Magic Memories employs more than 220 people worldwide, is headquartered in Queenstown, New Zealand, and offers innovative photo products that add value to both the guest and the attraction operators.


Notes to Editors:


Magic Memories was established in 1994 in Queenstown, New Zealand. MMG is a tourism company expert in innovative digital imagery and storytelling. Customers are wowed by holiday memories that can be accessed and shared via social media channels with friends and family, integrated into an interactive photobook, or physically owned as a coffee table story album.

MMG is a tourism company that delivers photography services to large attractions worldwide. It is well established with local infrastructure and more than 70 partner attractions in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and now, China. MMG staff photograph over 15 million people every year, with more than 220 people working all over the world. Face to face interaction with every customer happens at least twice at every attraction.

Magic Memories has recently developed a partnership with the world’s 2nd largest attractions company, Merlin Entertainments.

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Located within Chang Feng Park in Shanghai, Ocean World consists of an aquarium and the Beluga Stadium. The aquarium is located beneath an ornamental lake in Chang Feng Park and was opened in 1999 at a cost in excess of US$20m. It showcases the incredible creatures that inhabit the Pacific Ocean and Amazon River. The Beluga Stadium is the first Whale Show Stadium in East China and presents great daily mammal shows with Beluga Whales and California Sealions.

Features of Shanghai Ocean World include marine sightseeing with an amazing mix of marine animals, original stage plays by marine animals including marine geniuses and a marine themed leisure park.
Shanghai Chang Feng Ocean World is owned and operated by Oceanis which owns and operates quality aquaria in the Asia Pacific region. The company also operates the world’s third largest aquarium, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo on behalf of its owner. Each aquarium is in a prime location, be it city centre or beachside. Within each are award winning products which showcase the amazing and spectacular aquatic life found on planet earth.

Working to the guidelines of the World Aquarium and Zoo Association (WAZA), Oceanis Aquaria prides itself on an innovative approach to product and displays that entertain, educate and encourage care for the aquatic environment and its inhabitants.