Jon Bon Jovi concert Jon Bon Jovi concert CREDIT: Samira Khan

Half of Bon Jovi tickets sell in three hours

Monday 29 October 2007, 2:09PM
By Capital C


Concerts clocked a fantastic 14,000 sales in the first 3 hours of the Visa Card pre-sale which started at 9am this morning for the one NZ performance of American Super Group BON JOVI.

“VISA Entertainment’s Website and Ticketek’s online booking system worked extremely well to cater for the massive demand”, said Phil Sprey of Capital C: Concerts, ‘We expected a high demand but with a mountain of other concerts coming to NZ this summer, this is the one the public have been waiting for.”

BON JOVI has just kicked of the Lost Highway Tour in New Jersey a couple of nights ago and are looking at coming to NZ to see their fans at AMI Stadium.

Opening the Concert will be Christchurch-based rockers The Valves.

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