Why Henry needs to learn Spanish

Thursday 8 March 2012, 11:06AM
By Euroasia NZ


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Sir Graham Henry has accepted a role coaching Argentina's top rugby coaches, starting next month. The move to Argentina will be an exciting one for Sir Graham. Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world by land area and the largest among Spanish-speaking nations.

No doubt the legendary Sir Graham will command the respect of the Argentinians. The Argentinians will have interpreters lined up. So why should Sir Graham learn some basic Spanish? Well, here are some of the main reasons:

- Actually, many Argentinians struggle beyond "how are you"!
- Learning Spanish is often a key to understanding Argentinian people and culture.
- Even learning a limited amount of Spanish can make a huge difference.
- Think how much time and effort those who have learnt English have put into their studies; shouldn’t we make some effort as well in acknowledgment of this?
- Learning Spanish is mentally stimulating and fascinating in its own right. Surely Sir Graham will see this as a worthwhile challenge.

Spanish is unquestionably one of the world’s most important languages, spoken not only in Spain but also in most of the Americas, from California to Cape Horn!

If Sir Graham could speak some Spanish, he would endear himself with not just the rugby coaches, but the ordinary folk.

Euroasia Language Academy would be pleased to equip Sir Graham with some basic Spanish skills before his Argentinian foray. Euroasia's range of programmes include intensive courses for New Zealanders preparing to relocate to Spanish-speaking countries.


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