Micro GSM Car Alarm Designed to Reduce Car Crime Micro GSM Car Alarm Designed to Reduce Car Crime CREDIT: Pacific GSM

Micro GSM Car Alarm Designed to Reduce Car Crime

Thursday 8 March 2012, 1:03PM
By Pacific GSM

Numbers of car thefts continue to grow, because most car owners do not act in any way.

Pacific GSM will at the end of March 2012 launch a new, truly revolutionary GSM alarm called EMA (electronic micro alarm)
A device that has no equivalent in the world, a device that at very low cost secures any car.
A brilliant idea is to use the "cigarette lighter " socket, which is part of every car to simply plug EMA into the connector.

EMA is simply charging when the car is running and will automatically arm when car stops.

EMA has a unique small body design with a backup battery and several detectors which detect movement of the vehicle, tilt and sharp shock to the car, EMA can detect unauthorized starting of the car and USB connector can be used to connect additional external micro PIR sensor. A number of possibility combinations guarantee the maximum resistance against false alarm, EMA includes a built in microphone for intruder confirmation.

And how does it work from purchase to watch?

We will describe one possible scenario of use, and there is a choice of several but this automatic one  is most popular.

Everything is very simple, intuitive. If you are layman do not set anything, just simply take EMA from the box and put the Vodafone SIM card in. By inserting the Vodafone SIM card, EMA will turn on and log into the Vodafone GSM network. Now just ring the EMA number from your cell phone, that store your phone number as a person who is authorized to operate the EMA. In this basic mode EMA is now prepared to protect your car.

Another option is to set the EMA with a user program for PC, where you can simply set all of the features, add additional phone numbers, define exit and entry times, the sensitivity of sensors, ring length, phone call, SMS texts,the angle of tilt detector, detection of vehicle start or door open, brighteners off LEDs and more.

Once the EMA is set, insert it into 12V "cigarette lighter” socket which is perhaps part of each car.

Because the shelter is obviously desirable in most European cars its best to use connector in the rear of the vehicle ( between the seats or in the trunk).

You can also hide EMA with extension cord or hard wire kit. It allows EMA to be hid anywhere in the car.

Once EMA is connected in the car and is set on automatic activation and deactivation mode, everything works alone. During the ride EMA’s battery is automatically charged, once parked and the ignition key is turned off EMA starts counting down the time to activate the sensors. The exit time can be set in wide range, it makes sure that you have enough time to exit the car, or to take out baggage etc. Once the exit time is complete the EMA will activate sensors and starts watching your car. You can set up the confirmation ring to your phone that will confirm your car is secure.

If there is unauthorized or forced entry into the car, or even just opening the door, or impact to the vehicle or jack up (towing) - EMA will send an SMS message to your mobile phone.

If the offender steals the car, there is the possibility to track the vehicle using GSM BTS cells.

By sending a command WATCH will then announce each new GSM BTS cell and show the direction and approximate route of the vehicle. By sending ROUTE command you will receive a listing of the entire route of the vehicle. Codes BTS cells are more then welcome to help Police in search of the vehicle.

To complete the elimination of false alarms, you can use special combined detection, you need to have the tiny motion sensor whose dimensions are only 20x25x14 mm, and can be placed anywhere in the car, for example the front of the car has a big advantage - EMA itself may be completely hidden somewhere in the car. Everything is of course time established with editing using EMA configuration software.

Deactivation of EMA can also be performed automatically. Once you come to the car, open the door,
arrival timer will start counting, you must enter key into the ignition and EMA will deactivated.

Changing the settings can be easy and clear using EMA configuration software. It is divided into
sections for beginners and for professionals. In addition, you can click to update
firmware from the web.

EMA was first introduced at the prestigious show of the latest trends in security technology Fire & Security Days in Prague (Czech Republic Europe) where she won first prize.

EMA is designed to offer car owners the current effective, easy and cost-efficient car security system, thereby helping to reduce car crime.

Requires no professional installation, is easily transferable from car to car, is a miniature, is a genius…

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