PNC releases new street album 'Under the Influence' on March 30th

Wednesday 21 March 2012, 1:02PM
By Frequency Media


One of New Zealand’s most formidable Hip Hop talents PNC is set to release his brand new street album Under The Influence on March 30th. PNC, along with Volume Magazine and clothing label Crooks & Castles will make the new street album available for free download from PNC’s official website www.pncmusic.co.nz

Under The Influence is not your run-of-the-mill Hip-Hop release. From an idea that spawned from an old school mix-tape concept, PNC and up and coming producer Matt Miller have included sample mash-ups on the album from pop chart topper’s Gotye, Justin Bieber and Adele, and chosen contributing artists like Midnight Youth’s Jeremy Redmore alongside more likely collaborators such as David Dallas, Pieter T, and Awa (Nesian Mystik).

A selection of singles and videos from Under The Influence have been leaked slowly for free over the past few months from PNC’s website including ‘Stranger Part 1 & 2’ - featuring a twisted mash-up sample from Gotye’s #1 single ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ - and ‘Take It All’, sampling the Adele tune of the same name featuring local Hip Hop MCs Jordache, David Dallas, Louie Knuxx and Percieve.

Forthcoming singles ‘All Day’ featuring Pieter T and  ‘I’ll Be On It’ featuring Awa will be serviced to radio in the coming months and also be made available for purchase online.

Inspired by the current movement of artists such as Frank Oceans, J-Cole and David Dallas giving their albums away for free, PNC sees the merit in reaching a bigger audience this way. It was also a mix-tape, On the PNC Tip that first put PNC on the map locally, and it’s a format PNC enjoys working with.

Download your FREE copy of Under The Influence at www.pncmusic.co.nz from March 30th 2012


View video for 'As I Fly' here:


View video for 'Take It All feat. David Dallas, Jordache & Louis Knuxx' here: