Coastguard South Taranaki Volunteer Receives Outward Bound Scholarship

Wednesday 28 March 2012, 11:06AM
By Mango Communications


Coastguard South Taranaki volunteer Gareth Read has been awarded an Outward Bound scholarship in recognition of his dedication and contribution to the organisation.

Mr Read, Vice President of Coastguard South Taranaki, will attend the eight-day course in July to help him increase his individual and social development. This will not only benefit him personally but also enhance what he brings to his role at Coastguard.

Gary Darnell, President of Coastguard South Taranaki, says Gareth is a worthy recipient of the Outward Bound scholarship - one of just five available to Coastguard volunteers nationwide.

"We believe that putting Gareth forward for the Outward Bound scholarship will enhance his abilities and complement the SAR training he has undertaken to date. It will also assist in his development as a person, team member and in his leadership role as Vice President of the Unit.

"Gareth has been an absolute asset to the Unit for nine years. His ongoing dedication to Coastguard has been admirable and there is no doubt the course will help him continue to reach his full potential," says Mr Darnell.