Coastguard Waiheke Volunteer Receives Outward Bound Scholarship

Wednesday 28 March 2012, 11:07AM
By Mango Communications


Coastguard Waiheke volunteer Bonnie Watts has been awarded an Outward Bound scholarship in recognition of her dedication and contribution to the organisation.

Ms Watts will attend the 21-day course in July to help increase both her personal and social development and as well as enhancing what she brings to her role at Coastguard.

Rebecca Armstrong, President of Coastguard Waiheke, says Bonnie is a worthy recipient of the Outward Bound scholarship - one of just five available to Coastguard volunteers nationwide.

"We believe that putting Bonnie forward for the Outward Bound scholarship will improve her abilities as a trainee volunteer and assist in her development as a person and team member.

"Bonnie joined our Unit at just 17 years-old which is the youngest age that we accept volunteers. Since then she has already obtained her Day Skipper, VHF Marine Radio and First Aid Certificates which is testament to her ongoing commitment to Coastguard.

"She plays an integral role in attending wet training days, volunteering for Duty Boat Crews, attending evening education modules and assisting in fundraising - all while completing her final year at high school.

"Bonnie is proving to be an absolute asset to the Unit and there is no doubt that the Outward Bound course will help her continue to reach her full potential," says Ms Armstrong.