Domain plan for energy sector 2006–2016

Monday 16 April 2012, 1:33PM
By Statistics New Zealand

Available file

Domain Plan for Energy Sector 2006–2016   (PDF, 54 pages, 1.80mb)

As part of its leadership role in strengthening the Official Statistics System, Statistics New Zealand is developing domain plans as a key part of working together with other agencies to improve official statistics.
Energy is one such area where a domain plan has been developed.

The Domain Plan for Energy Sector 2006–2016 analyses current information sources of energy data in New Zealand, and proposes initiatives to cover significant information gaps. It outlines the main statistical priorities for the energy sector and the strategy for addressing these to 2016.

The domain plan was developed by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, the Ministry of Economic Development, and Statistics NZ, with contribution from the Ministry of Transport and other organisations.

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Citation: Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, Ministry of Economic Development, & Statistics New Zealand (2006). Domain Plan for Energy Sector 2006–2012. Available from