Birdhurst Compost Site Test Results Give The All Clear

Friday 20 April 2012, 1:05PM
By Tasman District Council


Claims of possible water contamination from the Birdhurst compost site in Motueka have been quashed following the return of test results.

Concerns have recently been expressed from some quarters regarding the possible contamination of groundwater, water bores and, ultimately, the river through the leaching of liquids from the site.

These fears have been have been proven groundless with the return of the test results from two sites in near proximity to the operation which show there is no need for concern.

These results do not, however, legitimise the practice.  It has been identified that sufficient mitigating measures are in place to ensure that ground water contamination, and odour are not and will not be an issue for the remainder of time required for the batch of compost to properly break down.  Any attempt to move the material from the site will only cause real problems in respect to odour.

The Council’s compliance officers will be continuing to monitor the site until the issue has been resolved as they have been doing since this matter came to light. The company involved understands any further attempt to ‘fly under the radar’ will result in a Court appearance.