"Supermoon" Lights up New Zealand Tourism

Monday 7 May 2012, 3:59PM
By Haka Tours

Last night, thousands of New Zealanders took to the streets to gaze into the moon and take in the sight. Last night's moon has been dubbed "supermoon". It was bigger and brighter than usual as the moon was the closest (and therefore the brightest) it will be for the entire year. 

While the "supermoon" was visible throughout the world, it was particularly special in New Zealand. New Zealand was the first major country to see the moon, and according to Sarah Louise from Haka Tours, it brought both astronomy and photographic enthusiasts to New Zealand to be the first to view the sights, helping the New Zealand tourism industry. 

"The moon was enormous last night. Our guests on our New Zealand tours were staying in our lodge, and some of them said that they timed their stay in New Zealand so that they could see the moon as a bonus."

While the moon was visible from most major cities in New Zealand, the overcast sky in Christchurch dulled the spectacle. If you missed the event, the internet is filled with photos documenting the historical event.