IRD website issue not a problem with system

Tuesday 8 May 2012, 12:41PM
By Peter Dunne

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said taxpayers not being able to access Inland Revenue’s website for three hours today was human error, and not an issue of the system’s capacity or robustness.

He also assured taxpayers that no one unable to file their GST returns today would be disadvantaged.

“It was a settings issue rather than a system capacity issue on a day when there was particularly heavy use of the website for the filing of GST returns.

“It falls into the human error category, with an existing setting not changed to anticipate the numbers who would be required to file their GST returns today.

“It is certainly an unfortunate occurrence, which I do not want to see repeated.

“I have been assured by officials that internal processes are being reviewed and steps have already been taken to prevent it occurring again,” Mr Dunne said.

Taxpayers affected today are being asked to file their returns as soon as possible.

“Those inconvenienced today will clearly not be penalised for an event that was beyond their control,” he said.

While system capacity was totally unrelated to today’s events, Mr Dunne has previously spoken of the longer term need to replace Inland Revenue’s FIRST computer system to have greater capacity and flexibility for future needs.

“Work around longer term systems requirements is a key Government priority and we should have a fuller understanding of its scope later this year,” he said.