Good Energy Taxi gives free rides for good deeds

Thursday 10 May 2012, 12:39PM

By Eleven \ PR


Mercury Energy  is sending the world’s first Good Energy-powered taxi out on the streets of Auckland over the next two weeks to celebrate the good things Kiwis do for each other every day.

The Good Energy taxi is a cab with a difference - rides are paid for not by cash or card, but by the good deeds of passengers.

Passengers can ride for free as long as there’s credit on the ‘Good Energy’ meter in the cab. If this is running low, there are a whole range of things they can do to give it a boost; from using good manners to sharing helpful tips or advice to random acts of kindness, like giving away their umbrella on a rainy day.

People at home can also give the meter a boost by liking it on the Good Energy Taxi Facebook page ( - which showcases photos and videos of passengers alongside a map of the taxi’s location - or tweeting about it using #goodenergytaxi.

The more Good Energy shared by passengers in the car and supporters online, the more free rides the taxi can give.

Mercury Energy General Manager, James Munro, says: “Powering a taxi using good deeds alone wouldn’t work everywhere, but we believe Kiwis can pull it off, so we’ve sent the bright yellow taxi out on the road for the next two weeks to prove our point.

“We’re encouraging all kiwis to get involved by going online and giving the meter a boost.  And look out for the Good Energy Taxi – you could be the next lucky passenger!”

The Good Energy Taxi is the latest initiative in the Mercury Energy Good Energy campaign, which launched in February with a rendition of ‘Over The Rainbow’ performed by Tiki Taane available on iTunes with proceeds going directly to the Starship Foundation.