Timaru oil containment update

Friday 11 May 2012, 5:25PM
By Environment Canterbury


Last week Environment Canterbury was made aware of an oil spill at the Port of Timaru from a deep sea fishing vessel.

The response and clean-up is being supervised by Environment Canterbury’s Timaru based oil-spill response team.

Environment Canterbury is continuing to monitor the final phases of the clean up and the effects of the oil spill into the Timaru Harbour.

Environment Canterbury’s Coast & Waterways Safety Manager Evan Walker says that the residual oil is being fully contained inside the booms and absorbent materials.

“Absorbent materials are still in place and are trapping the small amount of light surface oil remaining which is being remobilised off the wharf piles.

Oiled absorbent booms and pads are being progressively removed and replaced as needed by the vessel owners who caused the spill,” he said.

A full inspection of the port has been conducted today and a shoreline check and all is clear.

“At the present rate of progress it is likely that the booms will be able to be removed after this weekend.” said Mr Walker.

A site inspection will be conducted on Monday morning by the Regional on Scene Commander who will decide if the booms can be removed

There have been no new reports of impacted wildlife from the oil spill.