Domino's: Public Holiday Surcharge Should Be Banned

Monday 14 May 2012, 12:20PM
By Impact PR

New Zealand's largest pizza delivery company Domino's Pizza, today announced its removal of a public holiday surcharge from across its menu and is now challenging other NZ food service companies to do the same.

Domino's CEO Don Meij said the removal of public holiday surcharging is a significant move forward for the company in simplifying its public holiday pricing and offering its customers better value.

"Eighty percent of our customers currently order Domino's using discount coupons, a substantial proportion of our business, and while our competitors charge full menu price on public holidays, we are offering customers what they want - the ability to order using discount vouchers and not be hit with a surcharge.

"Removing our public holiday surcharging is just one way we are simplifying our business for our customers and are offering them better value.

"If a company like Domino's is able to remove a surcharge and still sell a pizza for under $5, we think the entire food service industry should be reviewing its current strategy on surcharges," says Meij.

Meij says recent changes to the menu are focused on showcasing value to customers.

"Customers are demanding value and that's what we are giving them. Our customers know Domino's offers discount pizzas every week on Cheaper Tuesday, no voucher required," says Meij.

"These are just some of the ways we are giving value back to our customers and will continue to do so in our quest to become the people's pizza company."

Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd and its franchisees have 557 stores across Australia and New Zealand, employing more than 14,000 part-time and full-time staff and making more than 60 million pizzas each year.

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