Fund to improve health of Pasifika communities

Friday 25 May 2012, 2:44AM
By Tariana Turia

A new $6 million Pacific Innovation Fund will help improve the health of Pasifika people, Associate Health Minister Tariana Turia says.

“The fund recognises the need to design responsive services across health, education, housing, justice, social services, employment, and lifestyle.

“The fund, to be invested over four years, is aligned to the vision of Whanau Ora for Pasifika people,” Mrs Turia says.

“This fund will support Pasifika people to develop Pasifika solutions to the issues they face as distinct communities.”

The key objectives of the Pacific Innovation Fund, which draws on operating spending, are:

  • Implement proven Pasifika models of care that are responsive to the needs of Pasifika people.
  • Evaluate Pasifika health outcomes, along with quality and safe care.
  • Promote sustainable Pasifika service delivery systems that value health and social service integration, and employ family-centred interventions.
  • Improve the health of Pasifika people by delivering clinical and non-clinical interventions.


“This fund will help empower Pasifika communities to determine and achieve their own measures of wellbeing,” Mrs Turia says.