New Energy Safety website launched

Monday 28 May 2012, 10:18PM
By Energy Safety

Energy Safety launched its new website today at

The website provides enhanced navigation so you can easily find the information and services you require. It includes:

  • an About section including publications, FAQs, news, and media releases
  • a Legislation and Policy area, including links to our governing legislation
  • an Appliances and fittings area for manufacturers, importers, suppliers and retailers
  • an Installations and Networks area for designers, electrical workers, gas workers and users of electrical and gas installations and distribution systems
  • a Consumer section, including safety alerts
  • a Forms section, including complaint and fault forms, approved practitioner application, declaration and exemption forms, and the Event Notification form.


Please make sure you re-bookmark or re-save your favourite pages on the new website as previous links will no longer work. If your website links to ours, please edit or re-link to the pages on the new Energy Safety website.

We will continue to roll out refinements to the new website, enabling us to incorporate your feedback wherever possible. If any major changes or improvements are needed we will keep you informed of these.